Last month, the Supreme Court rejected the plea of a year-old Mumbai resident to terminate her week malformed foetus. The woman claimed that her doctors never advised her to have a foetal utrasound at the 18th week of her pregnancy that is vital to detect anomalies. The Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act allows a woman to undergo an abortion before 20 weeks of her pregnancy. However, if she wants to have an abortion after 20 weeks, she needs to get permission from the courts citing the reason for the termination of pregnancy. In the last few years, the Human Right Law Network has helped five women approach the courts, seeking permission to abort their foetuses. Despite going to a government hospital, the Mumbai woman did not receive adequate ante-natal care. Healthcare providers including doctors and nurses are expected to give pregnant women information about check-ups and necessary tests. Doctors said that the 18th week ultrasound which is also referred as an anomaly scan is the most important investigation, especially in India, since abortions are allowed only up to 20 weeks.

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Department was set up in Under prenatal medicine program. Consultant working in the department are trained and certified Fetal Medicine specialists. Along with specialized antenatal ultrasound scans, a variety of antenatal diagnostic as well as therapeutic invasive procedures are offered in the department. Following invasive procedures are carried out routinely in the department.

At weeks gestation an ultrasound examination is highly recommended to; confirm the heart is beating, detect multiple pregnancies, measure the fetal size.

It is a part of the ultrasound scan that is done at 12 weeks of pregnancy. The scan reveals the risk of chromosomal abnormalities in infants. It tells us if there is any probability of having Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome, or Patau Syndrome. Before getting the NT scan, the doctor measures the size of the nuchal fold at the back of the baby’s neck.

Read more about NT scan. What is nuchal fold – A nuchal fold is just a skin fold observed at the back of the neck of the fetus during the second trimester of pregnancy. If the thickness of the fold is increased, it indicates fetal anomalies, which can be detected by second-trimester ultrasound. The scan focuses on the thickness of the nuchal fold.

Ultrasound Scan Price in India

The procedure of sonography is extremely safe and painless. It does not involve any sort of radiation therapy like in the case of X-ray and CT Scan. Technology used in ultrasound is quite similar to that of radar and sonar. High frequency sound waves are emitted and get reflected back when they strike against a surface.

Third trimester ultrasound scan is mostly to check for multiple deliveries scan, what does it reveal, when to take it on Pampers India. You can also get to know your pregnancy due date with the help of due date calculator.

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When will I get my ultrasound scans? Does an ultrasound hurt? Do I have to have an ultrasound scan? What if the scan shows a problem?

NT Scan Cost

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Most pregnant women will have an ultrasound scan during their pregnancy. This simple test is quite safe for both mother and baby and causes only minor, if any, discomfort. Ultrasound is a way of taking a look at the baby without using potentially dangerous X-rays. During an ultrasound scan, high-frequency soundwaves are used to create moving images of the developing baby, shown on a screen. Ultrasound scans may be recommended at various stages of pregnancy for several reasons.

Here are some examples. For women in Australia with an uncomplicated pregnancy , the following ultrasound scans may be recommended. A dating scan may be recommended if there is any uncertainty about when conception may have occurred for example, women who have irregular periods and those who are uncertain of the date of their last menstrual period. Dating scans confirm the age of the pregnancy and provide an accurate due date. They can also show whether it is a single or multiple pregnancy twins or more.

Dating scans can be performed from 6 weeks of pregnancy. The due date can also be confirmed during a nuchal translucency scan or week pregnancy screening scan — see below. A nuchal translucency scan also called a first trimester pregnancy screening scan is usually offered to pregnant women between 11 and 13 weeks. If the combined test indicates a higher than normal risk, you will be offered further tests.

Anomaly scan 20 weeks

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Routine scans done in pregnancy are: Dating and viability scan between 6 and 9 weeks. This scan gives you the correct due date. You can also listen to your.

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What if there are signs of a problem on my scan?


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This is the main ultrasound scan that is obtained during the pregnancy. be measured to confirm that there has been satisfactory growth in line with that is expected from the due date. How long will it take and how much will the scan cost?

Our highly trained sonographers take a detailed look at the anatomy of your baby including the heart and the brain. By 20 weeks most of your baby has developed such that screening of the organs is possible to assess for abnormalities. This scan can be done anytime between weeks of your pregnancy but ideally around the 20 week mark. At this scan the different parts of the baby will be measured to confirm that there has been satisfactory growth in line with that is expected from the due date.

Multiple images of different organs will be taken to confirm that the development is progressing as expected. While most of the imaging is targeted to the baby, the placenta, umbilical cord and amniotic fluid are also imaged. The blood flow to the uterus will be assessed with Doppler measurements.

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