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These ancient devices have been refined, cultivated, and introduced into many aspects of life. Hinges have been found in ancient societies in Africa, Asia, Europe and elsewhere. Most of these very early hinges are bronze door hinges. Metal was expensive and labor-intensive to fabricate, so ancient emperors who wished to show how powerful they were exerted their wealth to purchase metal hinges. The common people of the era, usually had houses with no hinged doors, or even no doors at all. As might be imagined the expense and lack of exactitude in metalworking precluded hinges from being used in everyday household items aside from doors. However, the rich and powerful could commission blacksmiths to form tiny hinges to use as clasps for jewelry and other items. As knowledge of metallurgy spread and cultures worldwide discovered methods of creating alloys like brass and steel , the production of hinges also increased.


Replacement Tracks and Hardware for metal bi-fold doors dating back to mid’s A handy person from PA says:. I sent an email inquiry earlier this morning. Attached are two photos that I took of the top and bottom ends of the bi-fold door set, without the hardware in place.

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Lock and Key – History of Keys and Locks

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Evolution and History of Door Hinges

Globe Wernicke Refine results. Here we have a wonderful 4 section Globe Wernicke original barristers sectional section case in Dark Oak with clear glass panels. Here we have a Globe wernicke tier Barrister bookcase.

Antique 36” Door with Rare Stained Glass Speakeasy & Door Knocker A remarkable antique exterior door salvaged from Detroit, MI, and dating from the.

Antique Doorknob Identification Our newest types! Vintage Iron Gate Cane Bolt. Antique Bronze Surface Bolt. Corbin “Brocade” Circa Our top rated items! Mission House Numbers, Dark Bronze. Cabinet Hinge, 1. Sarah Rotary Doorbell, Antique Copper. Cast Iron Sash Lift. Screws came with the door plate and made installation very easy.

We are very glad these folks are in business. Wow factor We bought an Art Deco vanity table, that had ordinary round brown wooden knobs. We replaced those knobs with these Bakelite antique. The look now catches our eyes and has upped the Wow factor of the piece in our bedroom. Wooden Keyhole Escutcheon, Diamond, Oak.

Rim Locks and Rim Lock Set Hardware

Every house has doors, and every door has some sort of hardware that enables the user to open or secure it. The device seen on most new houses is the doorknob, but in old houses that might date back to the 18th century, knobs are far from universal. In fact, in old houses of any era or style, latch or lever hardware may be far more common.

C. Mercer in The Dating of Old Housesl is interior door panels. Drawing upon research done in and around Bucks County, Pennsylvania in the years prior to.

What is “antique” hardware? An antique, according to the federal government United States Customs is an item over years old. For the purposes of dating antique hardware we typically rely on the date of an antique hardware catalogue which shows the item or, in some instances, the age of the building it was removed from. There are as many definitions of “vintage” as there are queries. Within this web site I consider an item as vintage if it is over 50 years old. How can I tell what kind of metal it is?

Test with a magnet! A magnet will not stick to brass, bronze, copper, zinc, pewter, gold or silver. It will stick to iron or steel. There are more metal types but those are the ones most used for antique and vintage hardware. It’s usually very hard to tell the difference but, in general, brass will have a yellow color and bronze will have a more rose color. The year it was made can also give a good indication of which is which.

Replacement Tracks and Hardware for metal bi-fold doors dating back to mid-1970’s

The stylistic techniques used to date formal furniture such as Chippendale and Hepplewhite simply does not work for American country and primitive furniture. Country furniture does have its styles based predominately on religion and region. The catholic French and the Irish built cupboards with bold moldings, cut out feet, raised panels and they painted their cupboards in bright colors.

The puritan New England cabinetmakers built simple unadorned cupboards painted in drab colors.

How to use vintage knobs to give interior doors a classic look. ones used now, says Brad Kittel, president of the Antique Doorknob Collectors of America.

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Dating old doors

When a frame falls and leaves a million broken pieces of shattered glass on the ground, what do you do? Do you somehow try to mend the pieces back together with glue? You should never open an old door for something or someone of the past. Sometimes, we all need a little tough love, so here it is: It will never work out now, in the future or ever.

Tree-ring dating of early doors has helped to understand the development of door making, appreciate just how old some functioning doors are, and has revealed.

To be historically correct a cut screw is old. With cast iron or old antique hardware I suggest a ebay of black paint on the screw heads for a more pleasing appearance. Also, never use a screw gun or drill! That’s where all the broken cast iron sizes come from! Pre-drill s and use a hand screw driver. How do I determine the “hand” of my door? Stand on the ebay of the door where you can see the barrel of the sizes.

Don’t Open Closed Doors: 6 Reasons To Keep Exes In The Past

If you are trying to determine the age of a piece of American antique furniture , it will require investigative work. Look closely at the the different elements that make the piece of furniture. Examine the level of work that went into the furniture from the joinery, finishing, knobs, and more. Study the materials used from the wood, fabric, and screws.

If you take all these factors into consideration, you may be able to figure out on your own if have an antique or a machine-made reproduction. When you are trying to determine the age of piece you cannot just look at furniture style.

mote-historie: “ Carved Door at Urnes Stave Church, Norway Dating from vinwolfking: Old Norse Knotwork on an old portal to the Stave church in Urnes.

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I found an old barn door that fit just perfectly on this cabin. It was a very old door, with a wooden lock, hand forged hinges, and two horizontal.

History of locks and keys goes back for several thousand years, reaching the very first moments when modern human civilization established their reign and started developing sciences and technologies that enable birth and growth of our modern way of life. Even in those ancient times some years ago, people wanted the ability to safeguard their possessions and store them in places where nobody else can get access to them. For that purpose, engineers, designers and scientist created first examples of locks and keys.

Originally created using wood and other easily accessible natural materials, locks and keys offered small manner of protection against theft or intrusion, but they as well as complicated rope knots at least provided clear indicator if someone tampered with the lock. First models of wooden keys and locks originate from Ancient Egypt, where they first managed to take advantage from the technique of falling pins to control the movement of the security bolt.

The bolt could be freed from locked position by inserting large and cumbersome wooden key into the lock, and manually lifting it upwards, displacing the pins that were held down by gravity. Roman age introduced brought many improvements upon original Egyptian designs, but the expensive nature of the locks, their inability to sustain large external forces and easy picking made them to be a symbol of wealth, influence and nobility.

Small keys made from metals iron, bronze, silver, gold were often viewed as one of the most effective ways of publicly showing your wealth only very rich people could afford to have personal safes or doors with locking mechanisms.

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