Biology Major – Bachelor of Science (BS)

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BS in Biology

As a Biology student you’ll gain a broad knowledge in biology, chemistry and communications. Develop your skills in our state of the art laboratories and world-class facilities, including a histology laboratory, gel documentation facility, seed store, instrument rooms, fungal pathology laboratory and more. Here you will rub shoulders with researchers who are at the forefront of biological research ranging from genetic mapping in plants to human vaccine development.

Sciences and Engineering Biology. Apply now. Overview As a Biology student you’ll gain a broad knowledge in biology, chemistry and communications.

You can earn a degree online from ASU Online, an accredited and respected global university. Choose from + online degrees Next Start Date: 08/20/20 Biological Sciences – Conservation Biology and Ecology (BS). Next Start Date:​.

What makes biology exciting is its diversity. A biologist might gather field samples for the environmental impact statements, study the responses of whole organisms to stress, or insert new genes into a microbe. Biologists seek to unravel the mystery of living organisms from bio-molecules to ecosystems. Alverno’s biology curriculum is constantly evolving to make sure you have the knowledge and up-to-date skills to participate effectively in this fast-paced field.

You can focus your studies in one of several core areas leading to a variety of careers in fields like teaching, industry, health care, or research. You can also apply your biological knowledge to careers outside the traditional, like science writing or environmental law. If you are a student whose interests lie in biotechnology, forensic science, or molecular medicine, you may wish to specialize in molecular biology.

Please visit the following pages to find out more about the individual biology majors that Alverno offers:.

The perks(?) of Dating a Biology Major

The biology major is designed for students with an interest in aspects of the live sciences, to provide excellent preparation for postgraduate education and careers in biomedicine, health and secondary education, as well as other fields that require an understanding and practice of scientific reasoning and methods. Students build a scientific foundation for understanding how biological systems function through courses taken during the freshman and sophomore years.

In the junior and senior years, students may concentrate in areas such as: pre-health professional, biotechnology, secondary education, or an individualized program. Research opportunities with departmental faculty as well as internships and cooperative programs with public and private organizations afford students the opportunity to apply their skills outside the classroom.

Due to the complex biological issues that face modern society, the department also encourages non-majors to take selected courses in the biological sciences.

The Department of Biological Sciences at Western Michigan University The biological sciences programs provide you with effective and up-to-date Master’s of Arts Degree in Biological Sciences · Master of Science in Biological Sciences.

Read campus message for more information. You must see your major advisor every semester to have your registration hold removed. Bring your filled out 4 year plan with you and DO NOT wait until the last minute to get your hold removed. See the list of major advisors [pdf]. During the summer, major advisors do not hold office hours. Plan ahead and see your advisor during the semester. Each semester your advisor will help you plan your course schedule and ensure you are on track to graduate in a reasonable time.

Your advisor can also suggest resources to help you achieve your career goals. To make the most of your advising session, come prepared with a filled out 4 year plan that includes your grades and the courses you plan to take. Consult the course frequency list [pdf] to make sure the courses you want will be offered that term. A student, who has been in continuous attendance, may normally choose to meet the SJSU campus graduation requirements in force: 1 at the time they began continuous enrollment at a California community college or other CSU campus; or.

By maintaining continuous attendance and selecting option 1 or 2 , students can be assured that their SJSU campus graduation requirements will not change.

Biology (BSc)

A degree in biology opens up many opportunities in the job market as well as post graduate studies. One of the best ways to ensure success is to be prepared. Here are a few ideas of things that are essential for optimum performance in biology courses. Biology classes are full of subject specific vocabulary and science terminology that can be challenging for a new student. It is important that you are not intimidated by words you may not know. Take time to look up the words or ask your professor.

Campus: Springfield; Toowoomba. Start date: February; July; November. Bachelor of Science Major Biology. Mode: On-campus; External. Campus: Toowoomba.

Caltech has a strong tradition in biology dating back to the beginnings of the Institute and Thomas Hunt Morgan. See BBE History. Today, undergraduates interested in biology at Caltech have additional options to a broad biology major which include focused studies in bioengineering and computation and neural systems.

As biology plays a larger role in the integrated sciences, the division also offers an undergraduate minor. In addition to the information below, please see the Course Matrix which further expands possible courses of study within biology. The Biology major at Caltech builds a strong foundation of molecular genetics, cell biology, systems biology, and biochemistry, then uses this foundation to explain the complex processes conferring properties of living systems. The BI program at Caltech reveals how these mechanisms govern embryonic and stem cell development, how viruses replicate, how the immune response counters pathogens, the nature and interactions of nerve activity, principles of brain function, and behavior.

In addition, applications of the methods, concepts, and approaches of modern mathematics, physics, chemistry, and information science are providing new approaches that further enrich understanding of these areas. This program equips experimental and computational biologists to find opportunities for challenging work in many areas of basic research as well as in medicine and in biotechnology.

The undergraduate curriculum at Caltech focuses on two key goals: 1 Engineering new biological systems and functions, and 2 Applying engineering principles to learn principles of biological design. The curriculum provides students with a firm grounding in engineering principles, biotechnology, and fundamentals from the biological sciences through coursework on physical cell biology, systems biology, biomolecular engineering, biodevice design, and synthetic biology.

Bioengineering undergraduates are strongly encouraged to perform research in campus laboratories. Students graduate with a strong experimental and computational foundation for careers or further study in bioengineering, biotechnology, biomedicine, biological data analysis, and the expanding universe of biology-related disciplines and industries.

Program Requirements

Because science is a process, not a body of knowledge, we require completion of original research and an associated senior thesis. Through this process students gain essential skills in enquiry, study design, data gathering, data analysis, interpretation of results, scientific writing, and oral communication. In addition, biology majors enjoy access to a wide variety of collaborative research experiences; cutting-edge technologies and facilities; and a highly-accomplished, research-active faculty who are passionate about mentoring students.

Our students leave Whitman fully prepared to enter any biologically-related graduate program, medicine and other related health fields, laboratory and administrative positions at biotechnology companies, business and law schools, environmental work, and teaching. Just as important, they are prepared to enter the world as scientifically literate thinkers. In addition to our comprehensive Biology degree, we also offer combined degrees in other Life Science areas:.

VIU’s Bachelor of Science (BSc) Biology program is taught in small classes with ample The Bachelor of Science, Major and Minor in Biology emphasize a “​hands-on,” integrative approach to learning. Start Date and Application Deadlines.

Biology is life, literally, so those who study biology embrace life like no one else. We are vivacious and vibrant people, energetic like mitochondria. Biology majors will bring a new light to your life when they give you their anatomically correct heart. Biology majors are like dogs. Although dogs are all of the same species, Canis lupus familiaris , each breed is unique. Biology majors are all human, but we come in all flavors. You may never meet a more diverse group of people.

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Major in Biology 2 (MJ0133.2)

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We offer undergraduate studies in specialized areas such as ecology and biodiversity, molecular biology and cognitive neuroscience in addition to general majors.

Sign up here to learn more about upcoming events. Presented by the College Office, this event provides a showcase of the many different major Departments and Programs at Penn. Faculty and student representatives from the Department provide information on what students can expect from the Penn Biology program and how best to prepare to declare the major. The URM Fall Networking Mixer provides and opportunity for underrepresented and minority students to engage with current Penn undergraduates, graduate students, and post-docs in a casual setting to learn more about life and research at Penn at all levels.

Dinner is provided. The Career Series Presentation introduces students to organizations external to Penn to help them begin to learn more about professional options outside of academia and medicine.

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Dating A Biology Major

Alumnae Families Visitors. A member of The Claremont Colleges. Return to: Programs of Study. A major in Organismal Biology requires a minimum of 15 courses plus senior thesis.

BIOLOGY MAJOR. B.S.. NAME. I.D.#. Expected Grad Date Degree. General Education Requirements. 3 THEO Intro to Christianity.

The Biology major curriculum includes specific goals or learning outcomes that the student will accomplish in completing the Biology degree. The Portfolio Checklist describes the Biology learning outcomes and provides a mechanism for the student and the Academic Advisor to track and document successful completion of those learning outcomes. Each semester, when you meet with your Academic Advisor for pre-registration advising, review your progress on the learning outcomes and update your plan for their successful completion by your anticipated graduation date.

A passing grade in this zero-credit course is required to earn a degree in Biology. To earn a passing grade in BIOL , the student must submit to the Biology Chair a fully completed version of the Portfolio Checklist , signed by the student and the Academic Advisor, that indicates how each learning outcome has been completed and provides the required documentation.

From time to time, the requirements and rules pertaining to the Portfolio Checklist may change. Use the appropriate link below to download the version of the Portfolio Checklist that pertains to you.


Our biological sciences major options are designed to guide students through difficult subject matter to cultivate a deeper understanding of the complex structures and processes of the natural world. We offer undergraduate studies in specialized areas such as ecology and biodiversity, molecular biology and cognitive neuroscience in addition to general majors in biological sciences or integrated sciences. In our graduate programs, students conduct original research in areas of cell and molecular biology, or ecology and evolution.

Research is built on a spirit of collaboration between leading faculty investigators, graduate students and undergraduates. Pods of researchers reach across disciplines to work with various departments on campus in an attempt to solve challenges in environmental sciences, sustainability, disease research and health disparities.

The biology major offers students the opportunity to study the biological basis of Please view the college catalog for a full and up-to-date list of requirements.

Students may repeat a course twice for a maximum of three attempts. The grade of the most recent attempt up to the third attempt is the grade of record and is the only grade used in the GPA calculation. If you are in an Honours program in Biology with or without a stream and require or wish to do an honours thesis, you must take BIOL It is possible for Biology students in BIOL to pursue a research project in the general areas of biochemistry or environmental biology, as long as the supervisor is a member of the Biology Department or the Biology Graduate Program, and the project is approved by the BIOL course director.

Email biology yorku. We will check the prerequisites, open an enrolment window, then contact you by email. Please give us a few days to respond. First try to enrol directly. If you are blocked from enrolling, email biology yorku. Enrolment in these courses may be prioritized to students who require it for their program. Prerequisites are enforced. NATS courses are designed for non-science students. However, some NATS courses may be used as science electives, but not all.

Is a Biology Major Worth It?